Sunday, May 05, 2019

Seeking a more-joyful Judaism

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We have two choices.

Either we can stay home almost every Friday night and read the divrei Torah that we print out before Shabbat (Sabbath) every week.

Or we can go back to schlepping to shul on Shabbat by subway and attend a tuneful Kabbalat Shabbat service elsewhere.

It's just sad to be stuck in a synagogue that's lucky to get a minyan on a Shabbat morning, and even more lucky to get a minyan on a Yom Tov (holiday) that happens to fall on a weekday (because most non-Orthodox Jews won't take the day off).

We can't afford to move, but we still want a joyous Jewish life, and we're not going to find one here.

 See also I'm still on the fringe, after all these years.


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